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muck_a_luck: (Yoga Namaste Two)
Monday, May 16th, 2016 01:04 pm
Well, after letting my knee rest 'til it didn't hurt on stairs, I started back with Zombies, Run! and after two weeks of making good progress and running three days a week, I did something evil to my hip. Read a running advice book, and I think it was just a minor strain or overuse or whatever type injury related directly to the impact of running. I was also letting my FitBit dare me during those two weeks to walk much farther than usual. Most weeks I walk around 25 miles, but those two weeks I went 30 and 35 miles respectively, in addition to the higher impact activity. I think both my knee and my hip were like, "Are you kidding us?!" So I took a week completely off. And I'm back at it again today. My plan is to continue to run from zombies three days a week (the higher impact activity), but I'm not going to push hard for the added distance, no matter what my FitBit says. We'll see how my hip and knee like it, then move on from there.

Meanwhile, I left the zombies in the dust and helped to save Runner 16! It was a good day to be Runner 5! I stopped for some extra stretching, and I was really careful to stretch my hip afterwards. I feel good at the moment. The hip and knee felt a little tired, and the knee thought about maybe twinging. but I slowed my pace, and walked a bit more, and I think it's good. We'll see how I feel later this afternoon after I cool down and the adrenaline burns off.
muck_a_luck: (Yoga Camel)
Wednesday, September 14th, 2011 10:28 am
I have always (well for many years, anyway) wanted to try running, but it has never been convenient for me, as I have needed to do my workouts before work and while my children were still abed. Can't really leave a 3 and 11 year old alone asleep in the house to run through the neighborhood woods on the nature paths in the pre-dawn dark - ya know?

But now I am walking The Barbarian to school in the mornings. It is almost exactly one half mile, and I realized yesterday that this would be a great opportunity to try to learn about running. Walking her there at her pace is a good warmup, then I could stretch there and try running home.

School to home is probably just over half a mile if I take the hilly nature paths and do a turn around the cul-de-sac instead of running straight to our front door.

So this morning, I tried it out. Did some light quad, hamstring and calf stretches at the school the booked it home as fast as I could run, taking walking breaks as needed. It took me 8 minutes to do what I think was probably .6 mile.

I chose a very bad pair of pants. I wanted some with pockets, but these were clearly not intended for running, as they kept falling down. I have some exercise shorts to try tomorrow, meanwhile will need to carry keys and cell phone until I get some running pants with pockets.

At the end of my 8 minutes I was DONE. But I'm thinking I will continue to run home every morning, and when it feels comfortable and I'm ready to do more when I hit my front door, I'll just keep running, back around to the walking path and maybe down around the lake and back or something.

And if I *never* feel up to doing that, I still may try to run home every day. It's good exercise and easy to build into my day, so it seems like a good habit to cultivate, even if that is IT for my running lifestyle.