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Monday, April 6th, 2015 07:58 am
I don't know if I have mentioned my Achilles tendon traumas? Back two years ago, when Boss and I went to working from home, my Achilles tendon hated it. I became much more sedentary, and the lack of use had a huge impact. Then, about 18 months ago, knowing that I had pain in that area, I attempted couch to 5k and practically crippled myself.

I took myself to physical therapy last summer and learned a little bit about how to treat it. I got a lot better, and in December, I took a dare from my fitness website. I have a Fitbit that is hooked up to an incentive site that gives me points. Yes, I'm sure I mentioned this in the context of killing aliens to earn Amazon gift cards! Anyway, I took a dare from the website to up my exercise to 5 workouts in a week. At the time the only way I had to do a "verified" workout was going 10k on my Fitbit. So I did 5 10k days, and BUSTED my Achilles again. I was limping for about two weeks, and in pain for longer. After that, I was VERY careful, really trying not to walk much more than absolutely needed (which for me is still over 5000 steps almost every day, but still).

But now... Last week, Monday-Saturday, I did 10k steps per day, and I was fine. Six days in a row! Some not only 10,000 but actually (accidentally) well over 10k (It was a weird week. Lamp repairs and a college fair were involved). A couple of really minor twinges from the bursitis, But that was it. I think I was actually LESS stiff in the mornings, rather than more. I took a rest day yesterday, and today I didn't even notice any pain or stiffness when I woke up. That doesn't mean there wasn't any, as I'm pretty used to it by now, but I know getting down the stairs was no problem. Even on my good days, if I trundle down the stairs prior to my shower, I will be in a fair amount of pain and relying heavily on the hand rail, and today I just zipped on downstairs to kill the aliens, no fuss.

Maybe I'm finally healing.
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Friday, March 20th, 2015 09:16 am draft a deal when the borrower is a five-member TIC.

Remember the days, when I used to whine about crazy spouses and people who couldn't answer their questionnaires completely?

Ah, the good old days, when at least my whining could be vaguely interesting to other people - a few salacious details here and there. Maybe a life lesson to pass along to my friends.

Nope. Now my whining consists of complaining about business entity structure and form documents.


In any case, the fiscal year needs to flip because I'm not allowed to whine about my software needs until we are in a new budget cycle, and I cannot bleep out enough expletives to express how much I need Hot Docs. The agony of the five member TIC would be so greatly reduced if I could just set up a template for it so it could draft itself.
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Thursday, March 19th, 2015 07:28 am
HAHAHA! The Destiny icon I can't have without unloading a zillion other icons.

Warlock icon

Image from Destiny )
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Tuesday, March 17th, 2015 09:41 am
The mood issues this past month have been hell. Plus, I had another couple of nausea days - apparently this is a new PMS symptom for me, joy. The month was SO FREAKY, than when my period was one day late, I did a pregnancy test.

Not pregnant. Just The Change in action, I guess. Thank you, body. D:

In gaming news )
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Monday, March 9th, 2015 11:08 am
Cars. Stupid cars.

After three years of free basic service, I am paying for the VW for the first time. This is a big service, because there's a massive transmission component, but the whole thing is going to come in right around $600. Add to that the fact that it is time to buy tires - $400 - and there's the cost of decent laptops for me and The Barbarian. *grumbles*

I am hating Monday and wouldn't mind punching it in the face.

I got up at 3:57, shifted some laundry, zoomed downstairs, did a little yoga, then hopped on my chair bike and logged into Destiny.

Servers had not updated with new bounties, I think because of daylight savings, so I decided to play as one of Husband's characters. Not my preference, but OK. Then I noticed that at the three minute mark in my workout the heart rate monitor set my heart rate at 111 and left it there. Annoying, but 111 is in the zone I need, and I was getting the benefit of working out, so I don't really care that much about accuracy as long as the data goes to my points saying that I did the right amount of time.

Heart rate monitor fucks off entirely at 34 minutes. Great. Did I even get a full 30 minutes in the right zone? Why is it not working. I figure battery. I finish up a bit more in the game while continuing to pedal, and then head up for a shower. (For the record, assuming it transfers, the heart rate monitor site shows me at 30:23 in the zone. Excellent. Makes up a bit for the 44:37 yesterday. Still hasn't come across to the site that gives me the points, but that sync is often slow.)

I pack my satchel with yoga stuff so I can do some lunch yoga, maybe. If not, the stuff will be here for later in the week. I move all my junk from my purse to my satchel and get out the door in time to perfectly catch the bus. Then I'm sitting on the train and I realize - I forgot my building key card. So, I get off the train at 7am, but can't get into the building until 8am. There goes lunch time.

However, by some miracle CVS opened on time, so I was able to do an errand in there in the dead time before work. And I grabbed a little breakfast while reading news on my phone. Then I sauntered over to the bank to make a deposit - only to discover that the ATM machine was broken. So, with 25 minutes left before I can enter my building, I went into the restaurant next door and sat in the window and scrolled through more news on my phone while pouting until I decided there was enough foot traffic to make it worth trying to slip in behind someone. I still had to sit outside the door to the suite for 20 minutes until someone showed up to let me in.

I'm not usually a Monday hater, but I'm pretty over this one, to be honest.
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Friday, March 6th, 2015 11:23 pm
HAHAHAHAHA! I did both! Helmet is ugly but necessary. Ice Breaker is AWESOME! It is so awesome. Range = forever. One shot kills of everything on Mars. I wasn't trying too hard, but I failed to run out of ammo. Between the Ice Breaker, my scout, Gheleon's Demise, and my beloved machine gun, Song of Ir Yut, I am so thrilled with all my little friends. And I have two pulse rifles that are both adorable and I would use regularly except I like Gheleon's Demise too much. And a quite respectable machine gun I picked up raiding, too. *contented sigh*
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Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015 07:44 am
I was suddenly in the mood to see The Sign of Three, which on the one hand is absolutely the funniest episode of Sherlock, but this morning it was just making me want to cry because Sherlock is so utterly sad in it. Except when he drinks the eyeball tea. But when he's taking the wedding waltz out for a spin you know he's dancing with John. *cries a bit*

UPDATE: Mycroft is really excessively mean to Sherlock in the phone call before the best man speech. Do you suppose he, and for that matter, Mike Stamford, has skipped the wedding because he knows Sherlock blew it with John, and he just refuses to be there to witness the disaster?
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Monday, March 2nd, 2015 10:13 am
I quit exercising regularly months ago and have been trying to find a way to want to do it again.

Part of the problem is that the only place it really fits well in my schedule is the early morning, and I have lost the habit of getting up at 4am. And I can tell you, once you lose that habit, it's hart to get it back.

Anyway, for a while now, I have been thinking I need to take my desk bike downstairs and pedal while gaming.

Last week at work, I got some inspiration to finally DO THAT. We have a wellness program at work where you can earn points toward rewards, mainly Amazon gift cards, by doing things to improve and maintain your health. They hand out Fitbits at the beginning, and getting steps is one of the ways to earn points. Unfortunately, with all the problems with my Achilles tendon, I have not been able to get "verified workouts" because 10k steps a day (a verified workout) is too much for my right foot. But last week, I won the February wellness drawing, and was suddenly the proud owner of a Polar heart rate monitor.

So! Now, via the HRM, I can have verified workout doing something other than walking 5 miles. I hauled the desk bike down the stairs, and spent an hour killing aliens and burning approx. 600 calories! Excitement!

Alas, you get what you pay for. For some reason (yes, we all know the reason, because it was cheap) the free HRM handed out in the wellness raffle was not, in fact, a model that can provide a verified workout, because it cannot upload data to the web. However, I had more than enough points to order an HRM that IS compatible with the points system, so I ordered one this morning. It makes me sad to set by my progress toward my next Amazon shopping spree by that much, but on the other hand, I NEED to have inspiration to exercise, and this has a lot of potential - killing aliens and shopping hopefully will be enough to get my sleepy head out of bed every day.

Meanwhile, I need to find out what a good vinyasa practice yields in terms of heart rate.
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Wednesday, February 25th, 2015 09:46 am
Not sure how I feel about the final message in Agent Carter last night.

A SENATOR ARRIVES to tell the guy running the SSR how great he is, and all Peggy's amazing accomplishments get attributed this guy, who actually owes her MORE than anyone else, because she listened to his soldier's tale of trauma that he could never tell anyone else, blah blah. And you can see as the Senator is heaping praise on him that he KNOWS he should point out Peggy, and in fact the actor did a great job because there were about three different times in the scene where it looked like he was about to say, no, it was her, but then, he doesn't. Her (male) friend in the office gets irate on her behalf, heading off to tell the Senator who REALLY did all those great things. She stops him, and he says, I don't see how you can let him get the credit for everything you did! You deserve to get the rewards for your amazing work.

And she says, "It's alright, really. I know my own value."

I'm really conflicted about this. Yes, this is a fantastic message - worth comes from within and her self-worth is not dependent on other people. She knows who she is, she doesn't need someone else, in this case a powerful man, to tell her what she is worth.

ON THE OTHER HAND, this is a professional situation and her work is being stolen by another person, who is possibly going to receive a Congressional Medal of Honor for this work, it is such great work. In many ways I think that is a TERRIBLE message: Oh, no, I feel good about myself, I don't care if all my hard work goes to another person, because I know I'm valuable, who cares if my professional value makes someone else's life better? It's fine. Because I'm a strong woman who doesn't need recognition.

Bad message. The strong woman behind the powerful man has ALWAYS been a fucked up role, in my opinion, because if she's so strong and amazing, why isn't she ALSO the powerful one. Why should the power she created become the power of a man while she sits around feeling all strong and amazing in her kitchen, or limo, or whatever? Not cool.

ON THE THIRD HAND, the person who steals credit for her professional work is her Boss. That's probably a pretty common problem in all hierarchical organizations.

ON THE FOURTH HAND, the person who became irate on her behalf and can't believe she woudl take this shit? A feminized man. He's an agent who is much less mobile than the other agents, because he has a war injury and has to walk with a cane and he can't run or fight to the same extent they can. So they treat him as much less than they are, disregarding his investigative ability and treating him almost as badly as Peggy. And of course, this being TV land, he's almost as amazing as Peggy just sitting behind his desk doing the tough, detailed investigative work. And HE doesn't think it's OK for Peggy's work to be stolen from her. HE, as a man, thinks she should stand up and get the credit for her work. He doesn't like her feminine acceptance of the bad treatment, and while he seems to respect her comment about knowing her own value, it's almost a jab at him, since maybe HE doesn't know his own value if he can't just sit around getting no credit for his great work, what with his bum leg and all.

I dunno. Like I said. Conflicted.
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Wednesday, February 25th, 2015 09:45 am
My brain is filling in other people's sentences today, and it is not helping the other people whatsoever, but it is amusing me greatly.

For instance, AAK was relating an e-mail she sent: "Happy Hump Day! Hope you're..." And it's not like she paused or anything, but my brain just went right ahead and filled in "...humping!"

Also, someone said, "My cousin found her wedding dress!" And my brain was all, "Oh, no! What happened to it?" Then I realized she meant her cousin selected her wedding dress.
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Monday, February 23rd, 2015 02:49 pm
Had to change my LJ password, so now checking to be sure cross-posting is working.

Remember I said I was playing my brains out in the current PvP event on Destiny? Well, it ends today, and last night, we got dangerously close to Cheetos-in-the-hair time. (Husband actually came down and asked me if he should bring me a beer and some tortilla chips.) (Yes, the PS4 is located in the basement.) (I DO WHAT I WANT!) I chose to use my prerogative as an adult to behave like an irresponsible teenager and I stayed up until after midnight playing so I could make the final level up to get the stuff I wanted, namely an awesome scout rifle and a fashion lady shader for my armor.

I thought I would be totally dead today, but no, I'm not too bad, considering the short sleep. I will probably try to get to be early tonight, though. I'm not the 18-year-old I used to be.

Notwithstanding, I need to play at least an hour tonight to pick up the cash I need to actually BUY my fashion lady shader. Because dadgummit, I will not leave this event without it. PROOF that I played to level 5 like a true grinder.
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Thursday, February 19th, 2015 10:34 am
Monday I had one of my best player-vs.-player (PvP) games ever. The format is called Control. Two teams of six compete to control three zones, basically by murdering each other and not getting murdered. I'm pretty good at Control and these days I am often number one or two on my team, and my kills to deaths ratio is usually over 1, which is actually pretty good. However, Monday, I had a game with a ratio of 3.5.

Anyway, I went back and cruised the stats for this game and discovered that the highest level players on the other team were a 26, a 14, and a 9. BABIES! WE WERE KILLING BABIES! I am a level 31. THEY HAD A LEVEL THREE ON THEIR TEAM! I was killing BABIES! Way to go, matchmaking software! I did not know you even let level 3's play! What were you thinking?! Seriously, two other people on my team had k/ds of 25 and 15. I hardly ever see a k/d over 6. That is how over matched that team of babies was. :'(

On the other hand...

...I did get that one bounty for 10 kills without dying, which I'm pretty sure is an absolute first for me, so I'm secretly making the matchmaking software a little gift basket with some wine and chocolate and maybe a little Amazon shopping spree...
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Thursday, February 19th, 2015 09:04 am
Here's me stomping into Associate's office with five operating agreements and a TIC agreement.

"I'm here to be irate."
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Thursday, February 19th, 2015 08:41 am
I got an awesome new cellmate in August. She is also a paralegal, and we share a pod. She needs an awesome code name for my journling. *ponders* How about Awesome, Amazing K, or AAK for short? Ha. Yes. I like it.

Anyway, from the brain trust that is me and AAK, yesterday afternoon.

Me: So what's the rude girly version of "Bros before hos?"
AAK [thinks]: Chicks before dicks. [She later said better "Sisters before misters," but I think if they get to call me a ho, then I get to call them dicks.]
Me: So what's the cookies/fruit version of that?
AAK: I guess it depends what kind of sugar you like.
Me [thinks]: Sucrose before fructose.

You're welcome. :D
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Thursday, February 19th, 2015 07:53 am
I've been gone forever. Just gonna jump back in here.

Brief summary of me. I'm reading fan fic a lot. Haven't written a word in ages. This still bothers me, but not nearly as much as it did a year ago. Maybe it will come back. Maybe it won't.

I have been very active on FaceBook. Then I look at myself and think, do I want to be a person who spends their whole virtual life on FaceBook and lurking on tumblr? No. I am not that old yet. (Except the tumblr thing would make me what? That young? Or just some kind of creeper?)

Kids are both taller. AG33 has achieved a normal, non-freakish adult height. Remember, he's the pip-squeak and we were a little worried he was going to be the shortest grown man you ever met, but actually he's as tall as I am now, so. Still a little short for a guy, but not tiny. And he's only 16, so I figure he has at least one, maybe two growth spurts left to go, so I'm guessing he ends up around Husband's height. Just like his original pediatrician said. Doctors! :D

The Barbarian continues to be GIGANTICALLY TALL. :) She is 8.75 now, btw. (Years old, not feet or meters or anything.) She is learning to be witty, as one will when one is raised on MST3K and RiffTrax. When she hits it, she hits it out of the PARK, but when she misses, she may just bludgeon you with the bat. She can be freakin' mean. But I'm pretty sure it is by mistake. Mostly. :D

Since you last saw me, I fell headlong into Bungie's hybrid monstrosity of a massive online multi-player, (lame)role-playing, first person shooter game, Destiny ( Uisgich predicts the picking of Cheetos from my hair, but no, there are no Cheetos in my home, so that is not happening. Anyway, I have little friends I go raiding with, and I have favorite weapons of all types, and I am playing my brains out in the current PvP tournament to upgrade my gauntlets, even though I love my exotic gauntlets because they look awesome, but I need to get an exotic helmet because I have not gotten a helmet to drop in the raid, and I need a better helmet to level up. Also, I read Bungie's updates regarding weapons development closely. I am a weirdo who prefers scout rifles. Did you know only 3% of kills in the wild are scout rifle kills? Now you know.

Am I scaring you yet? Yes. This is me. :D Just wait for the amazing saga of my AWESOME performance Monday in the Crucible when I got what I believe to be my first 10 kill streak! :D

You are afraid now. I can see you backing away slowly.

Anyway, if I had more time for this kind of thing, I would definitely start the Crazy Old Lady Clan so I could have other Crazy Old Ladies like me to raid with (if you happen to be playing Destiny on PS4, please do let me know so we can go raiding together!). The two kids I raid with now are an adorable couple who only raid TOGETHER (they can never break up, they have to get married. For one thing they are sharing a PSN account), and I thought they were AG33's age but was relieved to find out they are 24 and 25 years old. Anyway, I think they often just raid with me because they are really nice and want to help me out. Which is YAY because they ARE really nice, but it does kind of make me feel like I need to find other friends my own age and skill level (mediocre, but getting better).

So blah, blah, commuting, blah, blah, lawyer humor, blah, blah, need more strange coins for that exotic sniper rifle I have my eye on, blah, blah. :D
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Tuesday, May 27th, 2014 11:45 am
Hello from lunchtime! Last week I was using lunch time to exercise, but I'm so beaten up from this weekend I thought I would spend some quality time updating instead.

The Barbarian is turning 8 tomorrow, so this weekend we took the sleep over plunge. She had two friends over, and it went about as you would imagine. I baked a cake and made homemade pizza. It was already an ambitious menu, and it was not helped by the kitchen sink breaking just as our guests started to arrive. Then, not unexpectedly, they didn't get to sleep until midnight, at which time I collapsed.

Anyway, hoping to revive my DW/LJ existance. I miss you.
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Tuesday, May 27th, 2014 11:31 am
One weird side effect of my commute is that I no longer get shin splints.

So I thought I would try Couch to 5K.

That was fine. Then I remembered that someone on tumblr had mentioned Zombies, Run!, a running app they were really enjoying. So Major Kusanagi and I cruised on over to Google play to check it out.

They do a 5k trainer...

So, now, instead of telling the family I'm going out for a run, I let them know I'm going out to run from zombies!

For anyone interested -