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March 10th, 2016

muck_a_luck: (Knife)
Thursday, March 10th, 2016 10:04 am
Hello, LJ and DW! I appear here from the vast deserts of Facebook, where I have lately been spending all my social media time. Even my brief fling with Tumblr and even briefer affair with Pinterest peetered out.

I am much the same as the last time I checked in. Still doing real estate law at the same firm, where it is strange to think I have been working for almost 2.5 years now. AG33 (fka The Small Boy) has finished applying to colleges and is now waiting for decisions. The Barbarian is tearing up the fourth grade.

I haven't written any fan fiction in ages, and my attempt at NaNo was so incredibly boring I gave up on it about 4000 words in. Mostly I spend my non-work time sleeping, baking, and playing Destiny, an addiction that has shown no sign of abating, though I have seriously cut back on my playing time in favor of sleep. I did strike out and set up my own PlayStation account and am mostly playing "my own" character, just checking in on the account I share with husband to do a little maintenance now and then. You can find me puttering around as Cee_the_Crone, if you are into that kind of thing. Another of my free time things now is listening to podcasts and watching video related to PvP play. This is how far down the rabbit hole I have gone. I read about sniping, then practice. I read or watch the occasional weapon review. I'm still not active on Reddit, but I do have an account. I am happy to report that while sometimes I feel that I should be self-conscious about the whole thing, I'm not, really. This is nothing at all like my crisis of self over the Frodo crush 10 years ago.

So, hey! How are YOU doing?
muck_a_luck: (Right)
Thursday, March 10th, 2016 01:30 pm
This weekend, The Brain, which you recall used to occupy itself writing porny fanfic, decided I should do a really serious Warlock cosplay. When it was still all my brain would think about Tuesday, I decided to embrace the insanity.

(The truth comes out! you think. That is what she's really doing back here in journal land. Possibly. It's nice to have something interesting to post about. Also, if I do this thing, I am doing it fandom-right. There will be pictures and detailed write-ups, both here and on Tumblr, and I think I will even branch out into video for this.)

Now, I would really like to do the Iron Banner gear. But as you can see from the below, there's some serious detail work there.

Iron Breed Vestments
These are the Iron Breed Vestments. I loved them. Now the game has left them behind. Sadness.

Iron Breed Vestments at Bungie's Armory

Aside from that, my favorite armor in the game thus far was Apex Harmonic. This link has excellent illustrations. As you can see, it was sleek and fairly understated. I have decided that is the place to start.

I have begun my research. 

I found a pattern at Burda that should be the perfect foundation to build the design off.   It should make an excellent bodice.

That is the first piece of the project - getting the vestments right.  Once I get that, I can move on to other challenges, like gauntlets and boots and replica weapons.  Also, I have to decide if I'm going to do a helmet or not.  I figure I can take it slow and maybe have the entire thing ready for Halloween.

UPDATE: Excellent! I see Iron Breed is just the Iron Banner version of Apex Harmonic! I had not realized that. So, if I can get the Apex Harmonic to work, all I would have to do to get Iron Breed is make it again, with the Iron Banner markings. Very pleased.