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Friday, May 20th, 2016 09:49 am
OK. I just bought the remaining supplies for my helmet and gun builds, less the paint, but including a dremel tool and needle files. I think this puts me at the point that I can build helmet and weapons all the way to the painting stage, and also can do a muslin of the vestments, without spending any more money - except I might need to buy a little PVC pipe when I build the sniper rifle. I'm pretty sure I'm set for anything I want to do on the boots, too. Not sure about gauntlets.

Next big purchases will be the final fabrics and notions for the vestments, and whatever I need to paint and finish the weapons and helmet.

I need to post the total thus far. It's a fair amount, though some of it, like the dremel tool, are investments in future fun,and even RL.


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