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Monday, March 14th, 2016 07:27 am
UPDATE: SORRY! SORRY! Forgot how to code simple HTML for a minute there. All the broken code is fixed!

I bought the Burda pattern on Friday and printed it out. Saturday, The Barbarian and I assembled the pattern and cut it out.

Pattern tiles

First row

Partially complete

The full sheet

Next weekend, I am going to put the paper pieces together with tape to mock up the final garment in paper. Then we will start carefully reviewing the ornamental details on the armor and trying to draw them on the model. Also, having the hem line of the jacket/bodice will let me start thinking about the skirt.

Then, we indulged in some shader shopping. In Destiny, our armor comes in default colors, but as you play you can pick up tokens that modify the color of your armor. These tokens are called shaders. You can preview all the shaders, even ones you don't own, at a kiosk in the Tower, so The Barbarian and I went downstairs, fired up the game, dropped in on the Tower, and started browsing.

Below are the shaders that appealed to my mood the most. I started reviewing them in the current Iron Banner armor, Iron Companion, but Iron Companion makes everything very shiny. Also, it looks to me that Iron Companion might not have a lot of the contrast color in its mix, so I went back and looked at the same colors again using a different armor, Azoth Bend I.

Yesternight Iron Breed Front

Yesternight Iron Breed Back

Yesternight Azoth Bend I Front

Yesternight Azoth Bend I Back

I am thinking Yesternight. Mom and The Barbarian both like it, too, plus I think a midnight blue and silver theme should be easy to get fabric for. But here are the other ones that I am considering.

Feud Unfading Iron Breed Front

Mercurial Dawn Iron Breed Front

Mercurial Dawn Iron Breed Back

Mercurial Dawn Azoth Bend I Front

Mercurial Dawn Azoth Bend I Back

Predawne Iron Breed Front

Predawne Iron Breed Back

Predawne Azoth Bend I Front

Predawne Azoth Bend I Back

Wolfcurse Iron Breed Front

Wolfcurse Iron Breed Back

Wolfcurse Azoth Bend I Front

Wolfcurse Azoth Bend I Back

Blood Pact Iron Breed Front

Blood Pact Iron Breed Back

Bloodpact Azoth Bend I Front

Blood Pact Azoth Bend I Back

Frostfire Iron Breed Front

Frostfire Iron Breed Back


If I do this a second time to try the Iron Breed vestments, I will probably go with the shader I was wearing when I took the screen cap - God of War. It's an all red armor, with gold accents. It looks good on every armor I try it out on, and it looked great on Iron Breed.

I need to find out if anyone has explained how the shaders work, exactly. They usually have a main color and one or two accent colors. I'd like to see if there's a chart of how the colors get applied to the various garments.