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Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015 12:12 pm
This morning, as an orator, I outdid myself.

As background, yesterday, 48 hours from announced closing, we were notified that what we had been told was a fixed rate loan was in fact an ARM. I was peeved, because that meant they needed revisions to about 8 documents, and I was busy with other stuff.

This morning, Associate is reviewing a new loan I'm drafting and he says "Do we know that this is just SuchandSuch PLACE and not SuchandSuch Place APARTMENTS?"

I said, "Well, it says Place on the one-sheet, the application, and the underwriting e-mail. So I assume it is just Place. But they could pull another name out of their butt. I mean..."

And here is my oratorical triumph...

..."they pulled an ARM out of their butt yesterday..."

I am crying laughing now just typing that.

(And it turned out to be SuchandSuch Place Townhome Apartments. Just because I know you were in suspense.)


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