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Tuesday, April 14th, 2015 08:09 am
Do you remember when he was The Small Boy?

The Small Boy is Wiser than his years

Today he turns 17.

I made him scones for breakfast and brownies for... breakfast. Also, made a different kind of scone because The Husband was sad that he doesn't love the scones AG33 loves.

Breakfast for a 17-year-old boy

Then I washed all the dishes, because that would be mean to make a bunch of birthday treats then say, "Have fun cleaning the kitchen!" :D

Then I washed allllll the dishes

Then I caught the later bus and train, because we do these things for the people we love.

I had one of each thing, though my Fitbit will be yelling at me all day about it. Especially since we are having our quarterly clerical Staff Meeting this morning and it will be breakfast foods, so GOD KNOWS what I will be cramming in my face! :D


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